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We consult with private and public enterprises across the world to secure software entities for public use. At BW Software, to secure any web and mobile entity, we provide expertise in automation testing at the back-end  and front-end levels.

Why Do We Test?


With a growing digital transformation, a lot of public and private enterprises face changes in their day to day operations to adapt to the continuous change of a software development ecosystem. In that ecosystem, testing holds a main place because it sanctions the readiness of a software entity to be released to the public for use. However, that readiness is not always evident for many companies, which causes delays in releasing the product and costs a lot of money to remediate in return. 

Our team is here to help any private and public enterprise to attain a stable and quality product by reducing the amount of bugs/errors found in their systems and increasing the code coverage through a set of automated tests.

How Do We Test?

Our testing methodology follows the principle of agile methodology which employs incremental testing. At each phase of development release, each release is adequately tested. 

Our team of testers are very well versed and experienced in all techniques of testing such as black box and white box. From non-functional to functional, we follow rigorous elaborated test plans, create test case documentation, build automated scripts with continuous integration tools and report the results. Our team can also advise on a selection of different testing tools to enhance the set of tests. 

We also are experts in building test frameworks to secure testing at a functional level for any software entity. 

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